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Pathfinder - Kingmaker AP - Blazing a Bloody Trail - Sundays Bi-Monthly - LF 3 More!


Edited 1401663068
I want to run Kingmaker two Sundays a month, and need 3 more players...Central US timezone, Sunday Nights 7-9 pm to 12-2 am time range. PM me is you may be interested. Roll20 tabletop, also Skype as is Voice game...No Vid, just voice. Standard Kingmaker AP - Party of Four - Have 1 Cleric/Oracle? already, so need 3 more.. Need 1 Martial, 1 Arcane, and 1 Rogue-esque. Base (Core, APG, etc) Paizo Material(SRD) Base Classes - Gunslinger and Summoner are only prohibited classes. No Alternative Classes 2 Traits - or 3 Traits and 1 Drawback Alternative Racial Abilities is ok, but subject to approval. Archetypes should be ok, Subject to Approval. Nothing "Alternative Rule" stuff - Basically, everything is subject to stamp of approval anyways. Attributes - "Focus and Folly" System - Pick 1 stat, this is your Focus, it starts at 18. Pick 1 stat, this is your Folly, it starts at 8. Roll 1d10+7 4 times, filling in the remaining Attributes in order from top to bottom. You may switch the totals of 2 of your non-Focus/Folly stat one time. Lvl 1 Standard Starting stonefur4 on skype-- add me an holla if interested
2 Spots left