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Recruiting For a Friday Night 5E House Rules Game 7:00 PM CDT


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Game Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I have been running games here on Roll20 for several years, I run a Quality Game Free of Charge and All I ask of the Players is make time to show up and play at the appointed start. I run several games a week and never have an attendance problem, but my Friday Night Game seems to be plagued by attendance issues. The latest scheduled game had two players out of 8 show up, in retaliation I dumped the roster, save for the two reliable players who have always been there. Now why might you want to play in this Friday Night campaign, because It will be fun, I will make your experience fun.&nbsp; The Game itself uses House Rules which may seem radical but which make the game grittier, more dangerous, and add an old school feeling to the game play. Shades of the Red Box and AD&amp;D. I have been running D&amp;D games continuously for over 45 years! The Game will be As Good or Better than any of the Paid Games being offered. If you are still reading this and are considering applying keep this in Mind: DON'T BOTHER IF YOU ARE AN UNRELIABLE CHUMP WHO CAN COMMIT TO ACTUALLY MAKING TIME TO PLAY. If you love Role Play as Much as Combat, if you like to Explore every nook and cranny, If you want to make decisions that affect the world. Then I think you would be a great candidate for this campaign. If Truly interested, post something here with your Age and any Experience you've Had with earlier Versions of D&amp;D, also include a class you would play if your highest Ability Score was a 12 (this is just a question and has no bearing on actual play)?
Im pretty interested in this I'm 23, i have a few session experience from 4e and 5 sessions of 5e, Fighter,paladin or cleric