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GURPS 3e Wierd War 2 When theClock Strikes 1


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Posted last night. Gurps Wierd war2 Sgt Rock & Easy Company- When the Clock Strikes 1 With thunderous attacks all over the German and French theater Easy Company led by the toughest SOB in the Army leave destruction and death in their wake until the night Sgt Rock is kidnapped by an unseen enemie.Its up to you to find him or die trying The Fate of millions could be at stake Playing 3e Allies .possibly up to 150 points can be American or any nationality but bulk will be 506 101st Easy Company and or support millitary personel Playing on ROLL20 via DISCORD character creation will be on SATURDAY August 22nd 7pm central Playing bi weekly at that time.Youll need GURPS basic 3 and the WW2 core book . possibly Dogfaces SEEKING 6 PLAYERS Comment or message if interested in playing
Looking for some Gurps Players
Still seeking players ig you dont know how toplay its very easy .. message if interested
Still seeking players .if u never played GURPS is easy and fun the Books can be found on Drivethru Rpg. message if interested
still seeking players
New players welcome System is easy Campaign will be pretty epic
Still seeking players
Charcter creation session coming soon still  need players
still seeking players
Currently have 1 player seeking 5 more . mew players or old message for info Character creation coming soon
Still seeking players . Might possibly do some pregens so people can play if they cant get the books