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Quick way to replace characters on board.

Good day everyone. I am currently playing game in which I am using character that can change shapes, is there any way to create macro that would let me replace one character with another(I have different sheets for each shape)?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
You cant do this with a macro. If your GM is a Pro (not Plus) subscriber, they have access to API scripts, and there are a few that can probably do what you need. You'd have to ask the GM to install one.
Oh. Ok. I will look into it(I am usually pro myself, but stay in hospital is not welcome sight for my cash flow).
There's a wildshape script, which is originally for druids, but you might want to give it a try. You'll find it in the api section of the forums. Our Druided uses it and it is pretty easy to set up. You might have to change it, so the mental stats won't get replaced, though.
Well i am gonna be using it for my mech that I pilot(3 different stages). So I will change what I need. Thanks a lot Sven, that was pretty much what I was looking for. This topic can be closed, thank you all for answers.