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[LFG] 5E have 2-3 others prefer Sundays.

Hey all been having that itch for a few years to play again, but my area is rough to find DMS in.So roll20 is my option, I am seeking a 5E session preferably running on Sundays EST. Can also do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after 630 EST. I have most of my experience in 3.5E and Pathfinder(also would love a FF world). I have a huge experience in playing RPGs in general, with MMOs as well. If I would join I would like to try a Blacksmith if not able then probably a Fighter. Leave me a message here.
Still looking for a game for me and a buddy.Have any question leave em here.
I've got a Sunday 7PM eastern game that is looking to add players (recently started the game and had some ghosting, the party is in need of melee help). It is a Homebrew setting involving elemental realms interfering with the mortal realm.  Some tweaks to races (not the mechanics, but RP tweaks to fit a new setting).  Revamp of the languages (common replaced with several different ones, changes to other languages, extra language picks for players to compensate changes). Climate in the game is hot and arid so more things like scrub land than deep dark forests.  They are in a city that is on one of the two routes into an empire for the equivalent of the silk road: so lots of coming and going, trade and merchants passing through, plus border province so monsters and so on.

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it's 5 edition also what book are we allowed to pull from for creation? Also is it this Sunday or Next Sunday?