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3D Dice Have Stopped Rolling on sendChat

So yesterday, I was happily working on an API and found that while text chat messages for dice rolling were showing up fine and there were no errors in my console, the 3 d dice have stopped rolling from an API.&nbsp; They work as expected when I enter something like /roll 3 d6 in the text chat, but not when my api brings that up. I've checked my Automatically roll 3D dice and it is checked.&nbsp; I've turned it off and on.&nbsp; Still no go. I deleted all my scripts including those from the script library leaving just the dice rolling API I had created with the help of some folks here.&nbsp; Still no 3d dice.&nbsp; The sendChat command still has {use3d: true} as its 4th argument. I'm pretty sure I've done nothing to change the script. Any ideas? Code is (with help from <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8951266/request-javascript-criique/?pageforid=8980029#post-8980029on('ready',%20()%20=%3E%20{" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8951266/request-javascript-criique/?pageforid=8980029#post-8980029on('ready',%20()%20=%3E%20{</a> on('ready', () =&gt; { function checkDice (content) { //First, trim off any spaces. //content=content.trim(); //Now trim out let args = content.split(/\s+/); let numDice = parseInt(args[0]); let numTarget = parseInt(args[1]); let dice = {};//Defines dice as a prpoertytthat can have various values // error checking goes here, and if an error is found, a message string is saved to dice.error //Verify that numDice is a number. if (isNaN(numDice)) { dice.error = '===============&lt;br&gt;**Crossfire Roll Error**&lt;br&gt;' + 'You entered: !cf ' + content +'.&lt;br&gt;The correct ' + 'format is:&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;!cf [no of dice] [OPTIONAL to hit] &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;' + '**Examples**:&lt;br&gt;!cf 3 will roll 3 dice, with 5,6 to hit.' + '&lt;br&gt;!cf 2 6 will roll 2 dice, just a 6 hits (note just a ' + 'space, no comma).'; } // if an error exists, end the function early, so the script can be ended back in the main body. if(dice.hasOwnProperty('error')) { //Do nothing, dice.error has been written. } else { // save the calculated and validated dice values. dice.number = numDice, dice.target = numTarget || 5; } return dice; } function reportHitrange(target) { let range = ''; switch(target) { case 6: range = 'only 6 hits (-1 pip).'; break; case 5: range = '5 or 6 hits (normal).'; break; default: let pips = 5 - target; if (pips == 1) { pips = ' (+1 pip)'; } else { pips = ' (+' + pips + ' pips)'; } range = target + ' to 6 hits' + pips; } return range; } function AreDiceOk(DiceToRoll, DiceToHit) { let DiceMessage = 'OK'; //log('---&gt; DiceToRoll: ' + DiceToRoll + '; DiceToHit: ' + DiceToHit); //Dice range must be from 1 to 9 if (DiceToRoll &lt;= 0) { DiceMessage = 'It makes no sense to specify ' + DiceToRoll + ' dice.'; } else if (DiceToRoll &gt;= 9) { DiceMessage = "You have specified " + DiceToRoll + " dice to be rolled. There is no requirment in Crossfire or " + "Tim's Armour Rules for 9 or more dice to be rolled."; } //log('Checked DiceToRoll: ' + DiceMessage); //log('DiceToHit: ' + DiceToHit); //Now make sure there are 2 to 6 specified in DiceToHit if (DiceToHit &lt;= 1 || DiceToHit &gt; 6) { log('Checked DiceToHit and there is an issure. Before consideration: ' + DiceToHit + ' - ' + DiceMessage); if (DiceMessage !== 'OK') { DiceMessage = DiceMessage + '&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt; Also, you '; } else { DiceMessage = 'You '; } log('Checked for preceding DiceMessage Contents: ' + DiceMessage); DiceMessage = DiceMessage + 'have specified ' + DiceToHit + ' or higher to hit.' + ' You can only enter 2 to 6 for the second argument.'; } log('Result: ' + DiceMessage); return DiceMessage; } on('chat:message', function(msg) { //Convert what is typed to lowercase and trim. let chatcommand = msg.content.trim().toLowerCase(); if(msg.type == 'api' &amp;&amp; chatcommand.startsWith('!cf')) { // since 'player|' + msg.playerid is used multiple times, store it a variable. let sender = 'player|' + msg.playerid; // move error checking off into its own function, so it can be handled neatly //trim off !cf. This is required in case the command does not have //a space, for example, !cf4 let dice = chatcommand.replace('!cf',"").trim();//necessary to trim in case of leading space //Pass dice to function checkDice dice = checkDice(dice); // if this returns an error, we have to end the function and report the error. if(dice.hasOwnProperty('error')) { sendChat(sender, dice.error); return;//break out of function. I'm not comfortable with this } else { let DiceOK = AreDiceOk(dice.number, dice.target); if (DiceOK !== 'OK') { sendChat(sender, '===============&lt;br&gt;**Crossfire Roll** (' + msg.content.trim() + ')&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;' + DiceOK); return; } } // if we reach this point numDice and numTarget are valid, and are accessed with dice.number and dice.target // saving the output in its own variable makes the sendChat line neater and easier to read. //With all those commas, the null and the {use3d} part, it would be easy to make a syntax error. This helps avoid that. let hitRange = reportHitrange(dice.target); let message = `=============== **Crossfire Roll** (${msg.content.trim()}) ${dice.number} dice; ${hitRange} /roll ${dice.number}d6&gt;${dice.target}`; //message = `&amp;{template:default} {{name=Crossfire Roll (${msg.content})}} {{Roll=${dice.number}d6; ${hitRange}}} {{Result=[[${dice.number}d6&gt;${dice.target}]]}}`; sendChat(sender, message, null, {use3d: true}); } }); });
The Aaron
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API Scripter
3d Dice aren't rolled for API generated chat messages by default.&nbsp; There's an optional setting in sendChat() that turns on rolling them.&nbsp; It's isn't ideal the way it works, but you can play with it.&nbsp; If you look at my Tagmar script, it has the option to roll 3d dice. You can read up on it here:&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Chat#sendChat.28speakingAs.2C_input_.5B.2Ccallback_.5B.2C_options.5D.5D_.29_.5BAsynchronous.5D" rel="nofollow">https://wiki.roll20.net/API:Chat#sendChat.28speakingAs.2C_input_.5B.2Ccallback_.5B.2C_options.5D.5D_.29_.5BAsynchronous.5D</a> use3d &nbsp;-- You can now generate 3D Dice rolls using the sendChat() function. The syntax is simply:&nbsp; sendChat("Name", "Rolling [[3d6]]", null, {use3d: true}); &nbsp;If you pass a player ID to the name parameter, such as&nbsp; sendChat("player|-ABC123",...) &nbsp;the player's color will be used for the dice. Otherwise a default white color will be used. Note: &nbsp;Clients can only show the result of one 3D roll at a time, so making a bunch of separate 3D rolls in a row is not useful. Also note that using 3D rolls does place a bit more strain on the QuantumRoll server, so use your judgement and don't perform 100 3D rolls in the space of a second. Use 3D rolls when the roll will "matter" to the player and make an impact on the game.
The Aaron
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And of course, now that I look at what you said more closely (and the code), it looks like you're aware of the above.&nbsp; Possibly a problem with Roll20... I'll have to try it tonight.

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The Aaron said: And of course, now that I look at what you said more closely (and the code), it looks like you're aware of the above.&nbsp; Possibly a problem with Roll20... I'll have to try it tonight. I was hoping that might be the issue.&nbsp; As I said, I deleted all scripts except the Crossfire roll I had worked on previously, restarted, and still got the same no dice rolled. :) EDIT:&nbsp; I should also mention this happens in both Chrome and Firefox.&nbsp; We've found Roll20 does not connect multiple players together at all, but Chrome does.&nbsp; Personally, I do all API scripting in Firefox as I really don't like Chrome anymore, I find it very slow. Note also that the "blurp" sound occurs as if dice are being rolled, but the dice do not appear. -- Tim

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I should also add that I've created a new game and added the following basic script while at the same time ensuring "Enable 3D dice" and "Automatically roll 3D dice" are checked.&nbsp; Still, while the sendChat works in the text chat, but still the dice are not rolled across the tabletop. on('chat:message', function(msg) { if(msg.type == 'api' &amp;&amp; msg.content.startsWith('!testcf')) { sendChat('player|' + msg.playerid, "/roll 3d6", null, {use3d: true}); } });
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I just tested the script, and 3d dice are not working for me either.
GiGs said: I just tested the script, and 3d dice are not working for me either. Thanks Gigs.&nbsp; Hurray, I'm not insane! :)
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keep up the good work for the community hope it can be figured out more &amp; faster 3ddice is for the fun!
Gold said: keep up the good work for the community hope it can be figured out more &amp; faster 3ddice is for the fun! Thanks! -- Tim