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[LFP] [DND 5E] Small horror campaign forming!

Hello! I'm an experienced player and DM, and I've been making a short campaign (roughly 6-8 sessions, but maybe more or less obviously) and i'd love to run it with some players on Roll20! The campaign is not exactly 'haunted mansion' horror, but more horror akin to Junji Ito or Lovecraft, with plenty of body horror and unknowable threats. I plan to run it Monday nights starting up around 6-8pm (To be determined) Eastern Standard Time. Looking for anywhere from 3-5 players, and although attendance weekly is NOT a priority, it is certainly appreciated! Sessions will run 3ish hours. Campaign Details The lord of the land of Murbrook has sent a small team of explorers, mercenaries and heroes to a town on the fringe of his kingdom! After getting many distressed messages, he has gathered that the local Arch Sorcerer has run afoul and caused a horrible accident in his tower outside of town! It's up to the team to look into it, and try to save the town from whatever threats loom from the tower! The game will start at level 8, and go to 10-11 depending on some factors. All official classes and races are completely allowed, HOWEVER I will request that you make a back up character, as the lethality of this campaign is far higher than average. Don't think that high stats or intense micromanagement will stop the horrors. If you want to join, send me a DM, comment below or add me on Discord at Kazimer#5112 with the following little application! I'm accepting of new players or veterans, and will tailor the gameplay complexity accordingly. Name/Alias: Age: Class and Race of planned character: Brief summary of the Character: New or Experienced Player?:
Name/Alias: Tenerife Age: 21 Class and Race of planned character: Warlock Tiefling  Brief summary of the Character: From a young age had to learn the dark arts under the strict supervision of an elder. As a result, Tenerife grew up relatively isolated and has a personality that most would call enigmatic. Their strange habits include: whispering dark incantations to themselves and rhythmic tapping on any surface. New or Experienced Player?: Experienced but haven’t played as much as I’d like to, and not particularly good when it comes to combat mechanics  cant wait to hear from you, this sounds like it’ll be an awesome campaign.
I maybe should have specified, your name/alias is just what YOU want to be called xD I should have thought that out.Same with age.
Name/Alias: Jason Age: 42 Class and Race of planned character: Goblin Wizard Brief summary of the Character:    Norxia is an inquisitive bookworm from a small village. At the age of 8, Norxia was sent to a nearby academy, paid for by a lottery system by which her village sends a promising child out for specialized training every 4-5 years.   She feels a debt to her village that she intends to repay both by doing good in the world, and returning to the village with riches to improve the lives of those who sacrificed for her benefit.   She is 20 years old, 4 feet tall with poor posture.    Often nervous and awkward, she sometimes struggles to find just the right words to convey her thoughts. New or Experienced Player?:   Somewhat new.   I have played around 20 sessions as a player and also DM a homebrew campaign.
Name/Alias: Jude Age: 30 Class and Race of planned character: Aasimar grave cleric Brief summary of the Character: Aud was raised to be a soldier, born into a cult that intentionally united families with celestial heritage in the hope of breeding aasimar, whom they viewed as both divine soldiers and perfect martyrs if killed. She was taught to fight in her people's name, but after being injured in a demonic incursion she became enamored of the healers who aided her, viewing them as the true warriors in the greatest battle of all; against death itself. To her people's disappointment and anger, she left them to pursue the healing arts. She will not deny her skills to those who need them however, and lends her aid as a warrior and healer in equal measure. New or Experienced Player?: Around two years of experience, both as a player and a DM.
Name/Alias: Peter Age: 31 Class and Race of planned character: Variant Human Fighter/Bard Brief summary of the Character:  Roland Durocher is the scion of the Durocher family.  A noble with little wealth and even less influence, Roland has found himself in Murbrook searching for fame and wealth.  Most of his youth was spent on the small parcel of land that his family owned, riding lessons with his father, playing with the serf children, and tales of knights filled with valor and glory.  He hopes to gain a few tales of courage and honor to bring back home along with piles of treasure.  Little does he know that only horror and madness await him... Backup character: Flick Hillbrook is Roland's halfling attendant.  Though he is trained as a rider and combatant, his duties are mostly watching over Roland's horse and equipment.  Flick is a talented rider and lancer in his own right, unbeknownst to Roland (whom Flick has often saved).   New or Experienced Player?: I have a few years worth of experience as a DM and player in various systems, but most of my recent experience has been as a 5e DM.
Invitations are back up! We need 2 more people for this shin dig, so either bump this post if you previously made an app and are still interested, or make a new one/send a DM otherwise!