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Updated Dynamic Lighting - Limit Vision Distance

Score + 7
It would be great if we had another feature that limited the max vision distance of a token (similar to the lighting multiplier but applied to vision distance as opposed to light).  This could be added to the limit field of vision section along with the directional controls.  For example, if the players are trying to navigate a burning building to save someone, the smoke would limit their vision to 10 feet (even if there was another light source at the end of the hall.  As seen below, the character can still see the light from the torch.  In a thick fog or smoke environment, the player would only be able to see light out to a distance of 30 feet and therefore wouldn't be able to see the torch below until they got in closer. If this feature already exists, I can't find it.
It is now listed under the advanced settings.
That seems to work on the radius from the individual light source only.  It will make the far off light source have half the radius, but you'd still see it from 100 feet away.
Fog of War in other words, but limited to a radius around each PC. By default this is unlimited, but in certain situations it is reduced such as Blinded with a senses radius of 10ft, or fog, or smoke etc as above. I think Mike K misunderstood?