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PCMHelper Template Help

I have been working on understanding replacements (D&D5e OGL) and came across the following great macro/PCMHelper combo (kudos to author, tried to remember where this came from but couldn't retrace it) for choosing a character's weapon and attack /damage determination: Macro: !power {{    --replacepcattack|@{selected|character_id}|?{Select attack to use|@{selected|attacklist}}    --replacement|Advantage    --replaceattrs|S-|@{selected|character_id}    --replaceattrs|T-|@{target|character_id}    --template|Basics|@{selected|token_id};@{target|token_id};uses ~PCA-NAME$;~PCA-NAME$;~PCA-ATYPE$;~PCA-RANGE$    --template|PCAttack|~@{selected|rtype}$  }}   PCMHelper Template: Basics: --tokenid|~0! --target_list|~1! --emote|~S-CN$ ~2! against ~T-CN$ --format|~S-CN$ --name|~3! --leftsub|~4! --rightsub|~5! PCAttack: --Attack|[#[ [$Atk] ~0! + ~PCA-ATKBONUS$ [Attack Bonus] ]#] vs **AC** [#[~T-AC$]#] --?? $Atk.base == 1 ?? Fumble|The attack went horribly wrong! --?? $Atk.base <> 1 AND $Atk.base <> 20 AND $ < ~T-AC$ ?? Miss|~S-CN$ missed. --["~PCA-DMG2DICE$" -eq "none"]?? $Atk.base <> 20 AND $ >= ~T-AC$ ?? Hit|~S-CN$ hits ~T-CN$ for [#[ [$Dmg] ~PCA-DMG1DICE$ ]] ~PCA-DMG1TYPE$ damage --["~PCA-DMG2DICE$" -ne "none"]?? $Atk.base <> 20 AND $ >= ~T-AC$ ?? Hit|~S-CN$ hits ~T-CN$ for [#[ [$Dmg] ~PCA-DMG1DICE$ ]] ~PCA-DMG1TYPE$ damage and [[ [$Dmg2] ~PCA-DMG2DICE$ ]] ~PCA-DMG2TYPE$ damage --["~PCA-DMG2DICE$" -eq "none"]?? $Atk.base == 20 AND $ >= ~T-AC$ ?? Critical Hit|~S-CN$ hits ~T-CN$ for [#[ [$Dmg] ~PCA-DMG1CRIT$ ]] ~PCA-DMG1TYPE$ damage --["~PCA-DMG2DICE$" -ne "none"]?? $Atk.base == 20 AND $ >= ~T-AC$ ?? Critical Hit|~S-CN$ hits ~T-CN$ for [#[ [$Dmg] ~PCA-DMG1CRIT$ ]] ~PCA-DMG1TYPE$ damage and [[ [$Dmg2] ~PCA-DMG2CRIT$ ]] ~PCA-DMG2TYPE$ damage --["~PCA-SAVE$" -eq "true"]?? $Atk.base == 20 OR $ >= ~T-AC$ ?? Save|~T-CN$ can attempt a **DC ~PCA-SAVEDC$** ~PCA-SAVEATTR$ saving throw for ~PCA-SAVEEFFECT$ --["~PCA-DESC$" -ne "none"]Description|~PCA-DESC$ I noticed that the macro included magic weapon bonuses for the damage but not the attack.  Where is the error?  Thanks!
I have tried to use the PCMHelper by installing it with the one click install along with the power api following the instructions in the Wici. It does not work at all for me. Help!