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Battle Damage For Space Combat

I am putting together a Full Thrust online game and have had a ton of help from the community.  I really appreciate it gentlemen/ladies. Today I was thinking of adding different fire gifs to ship tokens so players can get an idea how damaged enemy ships are.  I guess you could group the ship tokens to the automated gif but it seems inconvenient.  I would love something that doesn't interrupt play...  The perfect solution would be a drop down menu macro with different levels represented by gifs.  Off the top of your head, how would you go about it?  
I have also found several smoke gifs that work really well.
Ok I think the script: TokenCondition does a lot of the heavy lifting here (below).&nbsp; Just upload a fire and a smoke gif for the battle damage.&nbsp; Am I correct if I say there is no way to use 'TokenCondition' in a macro?&nbsp; Ie: hit a button and my space ship is now smoking. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>