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Sheet background

Hello again, I've been working on a sheet as some have helped me with already, I am trying to make it so that the roll20 character sheet is no longer adjustable, dragging to widen it specifically if possible, the problem it is to resolve is a background image is appearing perfeclty in the preview, however once it goes into the actual game it becomes extremely pix elated, to the point that it doesn't resemble the original image at all. 
Sheet Author
The preview tab is notorious for being inaccurate, always use a test game when making changes to a sheet.  It sounds like you are setting a fixed width on your sheet's outermost "wrapper" element, so I would make sure your background image is at least the size of your wrapper element and try background-size: contain.
I'll give it a try and post again here with the result
The question is no longer valid as the person wanting it made no longer wants an image background. Thank you