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Having trouble staking macros


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I've recently started to stack a lot of my Npc /monster's spells and legendary actions, actions etc. and it works great. But with traits it doesn't seem to work correctly. My macro:(ment for 2 traits) /w GM &{template:default}{{name=@{selected|character_name} Traits}}{{Traits=[@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_name}](~selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_description)[@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$1_name}](~selected|repeating_npctrait_$1_description) The name of the trait is showing up just fine, but when I click on the trait (it's supposed to give me the traits description) this comes up: No ability was found for %{selected|repeating_npctrait_description} And I can't figure out why it doesn't seem to work, considering that similar macros work for every other stacking macro I've attempted. It's also very strange, considering the fact that this macro works for traits (I just can't use it for stacking) even though both have the same inputs /w gm &{template:npcaction} {{name=@{selected|npc_name}}} {{rname=@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_name}}} {{description=@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_description}}} But in any case, do any of you know how to fix this issue. P.S: Were plating D&D 5e if that makes a  difference  ┐('~`;)┌

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The problem is that @{repeating_npctrait_$0_description} is an Attribute, not an Ability. Those buttons have the syntax of [Button name](~ability), and can only link to Abilities (or macros). So your options are either, just display the trait description in the macro itself, without buttons: &{template:npcaction}{{rname=@{selected|token_name} Traits}}{{description=**@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_name}** @{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_description}}} or create a bunch of macros to link to on a macro character sheet, if you really want to use buttons. Change your button to [@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_name}](~ Macros|trait0 ), then create a character called Macros, then create an ability for each trait number, e.g. trait0 : &{template:npcaction}{{rname=@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_name}}}{{description=@{selected|repeating_npctrait_$0_description}}} There's a whole thread about NPC macros here , mostly using the first option (generally built in with the rest of the stat block).