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[LFP][5e][Free] War of the Burning Monday Nights EST

"The King has been killed; the people who've taken his place are tyrants, and you're trying to reclaim his throne and his dignity." We will be playing the War of the Burning module  We intended to run the War of the Burning Sky module, but it got out of hand real quick so everything got thrown out the window. Party is currently sixth level, and more will be revealed in your 1 on 1 with me via discord, so feel free to prepare some questions for me. Disclaimer - I've put a lot of time and effort not only into this campaign but into this post in order to successfully provide a fun environment come game day. You are expected to read the entire post and reasonably meet every expectation listed below in order to prove to me that you are willing to put forth the effort to make this game fun for everyone. If it's blatantly clear to me that you don't intend to take this seriously in either your application or your 1-on-1 with me via discord, you will not be invited to this game. Thank you for reading, and I hope the below piques your interest. What I'm looking for in a player - Creative - Engaging - Flexible - Fun to play with - Laid-back Character creation - I allow homebrew races and classes (though they are subject to my tampering). Loxodon are disallowed and dragonborn are discouraged.  - Evil characters, brooders, loners, and characters that are disinclined to help the party are discouraged and are unlikely to receive the okay from me. - You may roll for stats 3 times and take the block of your choice. You must roll in front of me if you are rolling. - If you want to retexture or rename anything without changing the mechanics to better suit your character, run it by me and I'll almost definitely say yes. Game Rules - Know how to play, be it understanding the rules, understanding your alignment, or cooperating with a group. - If you cheat, you're gone. I let plenty of stuff slide, but if you cheat, you're done. - Be respectful, and exercise good judgment. - "It's what my character would do," is not a sufficient idiot and/or *sshole pass. - Enable others to speak, and do not speak over others. If you are domineering the session, you will be asked to stop. House Rules - Beastmaster ranger doesn't need to use any action economy to command their companion. - We use flanking rules. - I'm a nice DM and won't be trying to kill your characters but if you fuck up enough i will do what i must. - I have a good memory so things you do might come back to bite you in the butt. - I'm also an idiot. Apply with the format below, and keep in mind that the more effort you put in, the more likely you are to receive an invitation. 5e/RP experience: Character Info      Name:      Race:      Class:       Alignment:       Personality traits:      Backstory: What you're looking for in a group: Discord name and ID number: If I like what I see, I'll pull you into a brief discord call; get to know you, little exposition for your character, etc. Cheers. ~Glor
   Name:Dustin       Race:  protecter assimar       Class: Wizard homebrew necromancer just makes the necromancer more fun       Alignment: true neutral        Personality traits: Does understand why people don’t like his magic even though he uses it to save people       Backstory: He’s been tasked with saving people and found necromancy good be a good way to do it so he’s set out to try to save people in the world  What you're looking for in a group: a good fun time I don’t mind if Someone is getting more attention at certain points as long as we all have fun I’m good Discord name and ID number:  KillingKidneys#0723
Name: Jasper Race: Half-elf Class: Warlock (Hexblade) Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Personality Traits: has a silver tongue and is more inclined to solve his problems outside of combat.   Backstory: Jasper grew up an orphan on the streets. He learned to make is living as a con-artist using his knack for talking and sleight of hand. One night dreamed of a voice that promised a life of power and a full belly in return for service. Jasper despite his skepticism agreed and woke with a mysterious glaive at his side. Jasper enjoys his newfound power but fears what this voice has in store for him. (Patron open to DM interpretation)      What I'm looking for in a group: A group looking to have fun and tell stories together. Looking for a healthy mix of RP, combat, and exploration. Discord: Kingoblivion9009 #8635
When are the sessions?