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Finding out the custfx ID for a Custom FX


Edited 1596421520
Hello.- I've been trying to customize my char sheet (shaped 5e) to use custom FX for certain spells. However, upon trying, I have come upon a "wall" that doesn't allow me to do so. After further investigation, I've found out that their API procedure uses the SpawnFx and SpawnFxBetweenPoints commands, which specify in the API documentation that "For custom effects, type should be the ID of the custfx object for the custom effect". How do I find out this custfx ID? Any help would be appreciated. Note: I know I could potentially manually add an /fx command to get the desired result, which I have done but SOMETIMES errors out the spellcast/attack, and doing it this way (using the custid inside the command) seems more natural.

Edited 1596426587
Nevermind, I managed to pull it off by shamelessly peeking at the code from <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> although with a slight "inconvenience", namely I have to add a "-" next to every customFX because Shaped5E automatically adds - to account for the color attribute for the default ones, and I know whack about JS. Edit: Managed to swerve my way around it by slicing. Still know whack shit about JS.