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Cephus Character Sheet by lordtygger

I was wondering if the following things could be done to the existing generic Cephus game engine character sheet: 1. Add the skills: Diplomacy, Investigation, and Stealth. (Perhaps a Perception skill, as well.) 2. Add the following "slots" to existing cascade skills (I just think that there should be enough slots to cover all possible specializations of a particular skill):     +2 Science, +3 Gun Combat, +2 Gunnery, +2 Melee Combat, +1 Aircract, and +2 Watercraft. 3. A way to add new skills.  4. The Weapon Table is unable to be fully seen. By that I mean that I cannot open the window wide enough to see all the weapon stats. So, perhaps the individual stat data windows could be "scrunched" (and maybe re-sizable like the Traits, Equipment and Notes windows), and/or the sheet could be made to have a horizontal slide bar like the vertical one. Other than that, I like it. I really like how it is setting/genre neutral so it can be used for anything without having to ignore a particular appearance. I wish more of the other character sheets would have that option, I like to use rules for other genres and trying to get in the fantasy mood when the character sheet is screaming SC-FI, can be a bit difficult. Also, the huge game banners that are on some, I don't like either. For the previous reason, but also because they take up space that can be used for other things. So many character sheets don't actually utilize the full page.  PS: Is there a tutorial on how to build a character sheet from scratch. Specifically for someone with minimal programming experience/knowledge? (I am doubting it, but a man can hope.) Thanks for any assistance.

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Sheet Author
I will just answer your PS. question here. Probably the best thing is to start here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If there is a sheet available that is close to what you want, you could get the code from github, see how things were done for that sheet, and edit from there: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If the sheet you are starting from is really old, you may need to do more rewriting than just editing to bring it up to the current minimum standards for new character sheets (which are mentioned in that first link). For general tutorials, you can make use of quite a lot of html and css tutorials around the web.&nbsp; Just keep in mind that what you can use in a sheet does have some restrictions.&nbsp; Those can be found in reading stuff in the first link.
Thanks. I'll take a look.