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2 issues: linking token and transparency

So I'm having 2 issues today. 1. I've created some monster sheets and assigned them a token. When I drag the sheet unto the map, the token appears. Great! But when I shift click the token (or alt-click), it doesn't open the character sheets.  Help? 2. I'm trying to add a fire overlay to a building so that it looks on fire. I have an image with true transparency, but the transparent portion keeps showing up as grey and white squares. I tried with several transparent images, all the same. Help?
Never did anything with tokens opening up character sheets, so I can't help with the first problem. For the second one, it sounds like even though the images have the transparent background coloring, the way they were saved did not keep the background transparent in the coding. Are the PNG files? I don't think JPEGs support transparency.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
For the first one, you need to set the token to represent the character and then assign it to the Character.&nbsp; Wiki Instructions:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Video Instructions: <a href=";t=29s" rel="nofollow">;t=29s</a>
@Dakota H. You were completely right! They were png, and I tried 3 different images, but all of them were fakes. Thank you, professor coolcat! @The A-A-Ron I was missing a key step! Thank you. all figured out thanks to you. :)&nbsp;