Once again I approach the community with hat in hand and say, "Whoa is me!  I need help."  :-)  I am trying to incorporate a vfx effect into my Entropy Blast Powercard in a D&D 5e game.  Everything works perfectly except the video does not play at all nor is there any indication the command has been active.  What am I doing wrong? !power {{   --charid|@{selected|character_id}   --target_list|@{target|token_id}   --emote|@{selected|character_name} Casts a Spell!   --emotefont|font-family: "Algerian"; font-weight: bold;   --txcolor|#7fff00   --bgcolor|#440000   --corners|10   --border|5px solid #000   --erowtx|#000000   --erowbg|#00ffff   --orowtx|#ffff00   --orowbg|#006400    --name|Entropic Blast!   --leftsub|Glorioskie   --rightsub|Mr. Wizard!   --vfx_opt|@{selected|token_id} @{target|token_id} beam-frost   --!Blast|The Nasty Thing rolls [[ [$Sve] ?{Critter|Standard,1d20cf<1cs>20|Advantage,2d20kh1cf<1cs>20|Disadvantage,2d20kl1cf<1cs>20} + @{target|constitution_mod} ]] vs @{selected|spell_save_dc}   -- ?? $Sve < @{selected|spell_save_dc} ??!Damage|** The Wretched Creature Receives a Frosty Blast for [[2d6]] damage! ** ^^ ^^*Disadvantage on the next **__weapon__** attack until the end of its next turn. *   -- ?? $Sve >= @{selected|spell_save_dc} ??!Saved|**//The Beast saves!//** }} Note that appending:  /fx beam-frost @{selected|token_id} @{target|token_id} to the end of the Powercard does work but I would like to know why the vfx_opt isn't working if possible.