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Add dropdown option to macro prompt


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When doing a macro with a prompt like ?{Spell|Fireball} it will prompt you for a spell name with default of "Fireball" We noticed our players could get rid of 12 macros if they could make a dropdown list in one macro with their spell options. While the above works to do that also, they will get tired of typing out spell names each time. So maybe if there is more than one 'default' it changes to a dropdownlist, for example: ?{Spell|Fireball|Lightning|Sleep|Daze|MagicArrow} W ould give the same prompt, but give him a menu to pick one vs typing the name over and over each time.
+1 I think I asked for this before, but not in an official thread. This could open up endless possibilities, like a single dice roll macro, a single skill check macro, etc.
It would also be great for modular macros. For example, as a warlock, I can have shapes and effects for my eldritch blasts. It would be really nice if I could have one quick macro that asks, with drop downs, what shape I want and then what effect I want, rather than having to have separate macros for each effect and shape. Sure, I could type the names into a prompt, but that gets cumbersome, fast.