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Double-Sided Token

I'm sure this has been asked before.  But Google wasn't able to find the exact answer for me, and I checked the roll20 help center and wiki, and couldn't find it, so here I am. I want to make a monster for my PCs to fight (a Faceless Stalker, for those familiar with Pathfinder).  I want it to appear one way, and then I can click it, and change the token to it's natural, more monstrous form.  (The creature is a shapechanger, like a Doppelganger from D&D). I know this can be done because years ago I bought the Curse of Strahd roll20 module, and there are werecreatures in that game that have multiple "sides" with one being a human, and another being a hybrid form.  And from my memory, you could just click them and change the token when they changed form. I don't want them to have different character sheets or anything; their stats don't change.  And I don't think a rollable table is what I want; I don't want any randomness in this.  I just have two creatures that I want to have represented as tokens that I can "flip" over when they change form. Is this a big complicated thing I'm looking to do, or easy?

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You can absolutely do this, it's covered pretty well here on the wiki . The basic steps are: - create a Roll Table - create one Item on the Table for each image you would like to use as part of the Token (name and weighting don't matter unless you're also using the Table for other table mechanics) - attach your artwork, one image per Item on the Roll Table. This is most of the work involved. - when you're done, create a token from the Roll Table - once it's on the canvas you should be able to right-click it and choose the side (or roll it randomly) - once you're happy with the Token, find the character sheet you want to attach it to and save it as the default Token. Make sure this is the last thing you do, any changes made after "save default token" will not apply , in addition to the caveat of the rollable token - any changes to the Roll Table will not apply to prevoiusly made Tokens