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[AD&D 2E Revised] Knockdown for Player's Options weapons and bugfix for Dust roll button


Edited 1597043268
Peter B.
Sheet Author
Hello Roll20 and AD&D players. I am at it again with another update for our beloved Advanced sheet. A small one this time :) Here is the PR New Feature: Knockdown for Player's Options Weapons Requested by Nick R. Before After Changes Added input field and roll button for knockdown Added two popup inputs for knockdown.     1. Misc bonus for when the DM says "roll knockdown with +1"     2. Target size to determine what the target value is to succeed in knocking down the target. These values are based on the table from the Player's Options: Combat and Tactics book Bugsfix: Dust roll button Found by  Bilbo 2 Before After Changes Fixed the bugged button. Fun fact. This button has been broken since "forever". Atleast back to 2017 :) This is all for this time. A small but sweet update. Special thanks As always I want to give out special thanks to Andreas J. My one and only Forum Champion  that helps me with uploading my code to roll 20 for tests! If you ever encounter him, respect him and thank him for his great work! Finally If any of you users out there have found any bugs, have ideas for new features or just general optimizations, please message me and I will see what I can do to fulfill your request. Please give me as much details as possible, such as: In what rule book can I find more information? How would you like the feature to work from an end user perspective? Any specific popups or interaction with other fields, such as levels or ability scores should the feature be connected with? I normally only play with the PHB, and do not know all the rules for all the extra books. :)  
Forum Champion
thank you for your efforts towards 2E on here
Thank you for correcting this. Much appreciated.