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GURPS Vampire the Masquerade

Your Unlife begins in the Year 1995 winter in New York City. Playing GURPS 3e Vampire the Masquerade 250 points Template and restrictions per book . On Roll20 Via DISCORD every other week on Satirdays 7-11pm Central time . 1st session is September  5 for character creation. Non Sabbat characters only
got one player. new players welcome, seeking 4 more for this chronicle
Got some great players Seeking 2 more to round out the group
Do we need any experience with Gurps/masquerade?
Jacob P. said: Do we need any experience with Gurps/masquerade? It helps this game is Gothic Horror it plays NOTHING like DnD .plus you need the books to play the one Picturedabove and
I've never played GURP, but plenty of WoD mostly Vampire, how does one go about joining?
Character creation is coming up Soon. seeking 2 more players. Comment or message if yould like to play
seeking players
Character creation is this next Saturday Seeking 1 more player
lost a player seeking 2 . character creation is this week
I can probably get a hold of both of those books, but don't currently have them, and have played a good bit of Vampire but never played any GURPS. How much GURPS would I need to know at character creation?  Is learning on the fly gonna work? And, would I get help?   I have really liked playing Vampire in the past, and love the idea of finding people to play it with again.  I'm not sure what you're looking for in players other than having those books, which is a criteria I don't yet meet... But if you'd be willing to talk with me and give me some more information regarding what sort of game you're hoping to run and what you're looking for I'd be happy to chat.  junicorn#5775
Heyy there I'm really interested in this and I can pick the book up really easily but only need help with character gen and work on a character concept I would love to join RellTreeKing#0220
Seeking 2 EXPERIENCED GURPS PLAYERS for this chronicle
still seeking experienced players message if interested in playing
Needing 1-2 more players
Chronicle starts this week seeking 2 players
Chronicle restarting soon seeking 2-3 players. comment or message if interested