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Can you type bold, italics, strike-through text in Char Sheet text box fields?

Forum Champion
Subject line says my question. I would like to type some strikethrough text in a plain text field on my character sheet (to cross out potions that were used, without completely deleting the mention of them ). There are not little buttons for changing the font style , on the character sheet. Is there a keyboard code or another way to do it? Is it possible for a char sheet developer to add the font style buttons?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
No. WYSIWYG fields (such as the Post Reply box I'm typing in now) are reliant on JavaScript, which character sheets do not have access to. That said, a character sheet author could potentially add a checkbox to set a field to "strikeout". For example
Forum Champion
Thanks. Not a problem. As a work-around, I can just move the desired strikeout items to the Bio tab of the character, because you can use Strikeout, bold, italics there in the bio page.