Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes to character sheets: For D&D 5e: Users can now replace their Eldritch Invocations when leveling up with the Charactermancer. There is now support for the max critical damage rule on the Global Damage Modifier. We’ve also corrected some weight calculations in Pathfinder 1. Additionally, we pushed code this week to clean up and maintain the code in our ongoing project to improve overall code health. We’re also hunting down issues with Updated Dynamic Lighting and we’ve done significant work on several of the rendering functions in tracking down the problems. Licensed Products We’ve made updates to the following licensed products: Burn Bryte Core Rulebook a typo in the "Energize Companion" Nova ability has been corrected. Eberron: Rising from the Last War Zakya Rakshasa’s piercing from magic weapons wielded by good creatures has been changed from Damage Immunity to the correct Damage Vulnerability. Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes Passive Perception entry for the "Derro” has been corrected. Check it Out Through our Tiltify campaign, we’ve partnered with Code2040 to aid in their mission against racial disparity in the tech industry. We’re matching donations up to $50,000, and we’re in it for the long haul—we’re going to keep the campaign going until we reach that goal. Learn more here! Salty Sweet Games began their brand new actual play campaign into the Roll20-exclusive system  Burn Bryte ! Check them out and don’t forget to follow us on Twitch for more Roll20 Presents goodness! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .