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Checkbox that when checked causes all rolls to be -2

I have almost all of my custom sheet finished. I am stuff on how to make a check box that will make any rolls -2. Is there a way to do this globally? I have added some script worker into my sheet for math on other stats. I am just unsure where to start to affect all dice rolls by that player.
Richard T.
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Have the checkbox have a value added to an attribute. Throughout your sheet, whenever you have a roller, include the attr_global-penalty in the calculation.  <input type="checkbox" name="attr_global-penalty" value="2">

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Do you mean to apply a -2 modifier to all rolls? If so, you don't need a sheet worker. Just set the checkbox value to -2 <input type="checkbox" name="attr_minus2" value="-2" /> then in each of your button rolls, add the following  +(@{minus2}) The brackets are important. Alternatively you could set its value to 2, instead od -2, and ise -@{minus2} When the checkbox is not checked, minus2 will be zero. When it is checked, it will have the listed value.
Thank you, I was making it too complicated in my head.