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Aid on tool use.

Thanks up front for any of your time on this. If I make an adventure asset of some kind, like a castle map or whatever, as one of the pages in an adventure. How do I recycle that specific asset page in a different adventure later? Thanks, Yeti
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You have a couple of options open to you, I'll break them down by sub level: Free Build your page, turn off the grid and screenshot it (either in sections or as a single zoomed out image if small enough). If in sections either upload each as an image to your library and stitch it back together in the VTT or stitch it together in an external image editing programme and upload the complete image to your account (being aware of upload limits: 5mb/image for this tier) Build your page and copy the game in its entirety to form the basis of your new game, delete anything you don't want from the copy once done. Plus No real alternative at this level, could maybe do something with the vault but would be functionally no different to the first option at the Free level... Pro Assuming you are the creator of both games, use the transmogrifier