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Interest check Forbidden Lands - West Marches style Sandbox

I'm looking to GM a Forbidden Lands campaign, using a West Marches approach. 6-10 players who communicate using something like google docs or google sites to document their exploits. Game are ad-hoc, meaning when the GM puts out an email a day or maybe a few hours ahead of time and whoever can make it to the game makes it. Looking for 1-2 others to GM as well to get a more healthy amount of games going. Character sheets are public and the players document their own stories somewhere online so everyone that wasn't there can read it. Sessions typically start at headquarters and end at headquarters to keep sessions clearly distinct.  The sessions I GM would happen once every 1-2 weeks, during a Wednesday or Thursday around 8pm-12am CST. I would want to do 3-4 hours sessions with a hard stopping point. If other GMs sign up they would offer up their time. The GMs would be moderators of the wiki, or whatever online documentation system we used.  It would be required that players are familiar with Forbidden Lands or Year Zero engine. Adults 18+. Easy, going chill attitudes. Mature themes will be explored. Personally, I'm a more descriptive GM, then a theatrical one. The group will have hard and fast rules around racism, sexism, classism, and will not tolerate misogyny of any kind.   Anyone interested? Let's talk! 
I got a look at the rules; looks interesting.  Are you going to play on Discord or Roll20 as far as chat is concerned?
Undecided. I assume discord for chat, roll20 for table, dice and character sheets. That seems to be pretty standard right? Google Docs/Sites for collecting info. 
I would recommend doing chat in Discord.  The browser based Roll20 is terrible for audio/video anything.  I only ever use it for just the game board.  The only audio on Roll20 that's been pretty good is the Jukebox though you can get similar results with a Groovy bot.
Much as I don't want to be a spoilsport, my recommendation is to have just a regular game. A West Marches game tends to be successful when you already have a core set of GMs that you can trust to be consistent and have a history with; not ones you pick up. It is only after that and creating a detailed set of rules and world that you will attract players to your game.  Good luck though if you are planning it, and best wishes.
Are you interested Petra?  Ryanxwonbin - I just can't commit to a regular schedule, with work and all.  I've also seen West Marches game run okay with 1 GM if the players don't mind the occasional short notice game announcements and if players don't expect to get a game in 1/week.  Also, players can just test out playing without much long term commitment. I'll likely just use the default campaign world and random tables and that's mostly what the players will be tracking since Forbidden Lands is a hexcrawl game by design. 
Definitely interested and have the rules
Michael R. said: Definitely interested and have the rules Awesome. We've played together before, so good to have you on board!
Yeah I’m interested.
Awesome Petra!  I assume there are a smaller base of players that might be "familiar" with Forbidden Lands, so I'll soften that requirement a bit. If you are willing to read over the rules and understand the basic mechanics, you should feel free to express interest. There are quick start rules on drivethrurpg that are free and that is good enough to get anyone started.  If we don't get to 6-10 people like suggested in my original post, I'm willing to just run a few sessions with who we do have and build from there and be less ambitious about the West Marches angle. We only need 3-4 players to have a fun game session.  
You can still keep the core concept.  Besides, it makes sense to start when the camp is super small.
Petra De la Rosa Chatelaine Valanthe said: You can still keep the core concept.  Besides, it makes sense to start when the camp is super small. Yep. Totally makes sense. Petra if if we find a few more peeps do you wanna do a session on Thursday? I just ran a really fun game in 5e in person, so feeling inspired. And I wanna try Forbidden Lands. 
Thursdays are fine.  It'll have to be close to 6 PM EST for me.