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One Player for Sunday Night 7:00 PM CDT Radical 5E OSR Feel

We have room for one more player for our 5E House Ruled campaign. This is not for the faint of heart. Serious Death Rules, Limited Healing, Unpredictable Magic, no overpowered no chance of dying characters here. Survival is it's own reward. Gygax original creation method (3d6 in order) there is also an Array Available for those who can't cut it, LOL. Some Variants from the DMG are also used, Encumbrance, some Resting. Do you have what it takes? If so respond here with your age and a character from the PHB you could play if your highest Stat was a 12 (this has no bearing on the game it's just a question)
age: 51 gender: male experience: rpg player since age 12 - no 5e experience random character question: why, a thief, of course.  ;-)
There is room for two as another player was forced to leave due to a job opportunity.
I heard there was an opening for your sunday night game from Zanna.  She told me that you guys need a rogue.  I'll play a rogue or whatever needs be.  Thanks Joe B