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My Macro's and my players' macros don't work now. Forced down character sheet route???


Edited 1402131602
Since character sheets came out, my macros simply to do not calculate. I am not using character sheets (the new ones). Are you seriously saying that you do not have an option, and that you MUST use character sheets? That sounds pretty inflexible if you ask me, not everyone will 'want' to use them.. I was quite happy without them.
I think a bit more details are required to help you. Generally though as long as you aren't selecting a sheet for your campaign (in the campaign settings) then everything should work as it has. If you have selected a sheet and if there is "overlap" in the attributes that you use and the attributes on the sheet, then it will cause a conflict with any ability macros that you have. Can you give an example of a macro that is no longer working? Can you confirm that in the campaign settings a sheet was not set? Now if you are a player and the campaign that you are part of sets a sheet, but you as an individual choose not to use one, that can become quite a bit more challenging. You could reconfigure attributes and ability macros so that they are unique and things should work, but that can sometimes be a bit difficult to determine.
Well, actually i think i have now fixed it. What happened last night was that i was running a campaign WITHOUT character sheets, just using the stat blocks and values and calling data from those in the macros i had set up. It was the first time id used these macros since character sheets became live. Anything calling to any of that data simply didnt work, no errors, but no dice rolls, weird. A mentor who was playing said himself it looks broken. So, this morning i added the 13th age character sheet and had to trawl through the code to find what the guy had called the fields where the data i wanted resided, what a round about way of doing it, since some of the calculated values did not appear under the abilities tab automatically. Anyway, it all hopefully seems sorted now. I couldnt fix the original issue. I think my friend is going to raise it in the mentor forum.
@Adrian, I know that adjusting attributes/abilities based on the sheets can be tedious, but glad that you got it fixed.
yeh theres some weird stuff going on.. I use an escalation dice mechanic, so the dice was set as a character, from which a value was pulled.. It wouldnt work untill i made the dice level 1 lol.