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How Would You: Force View Tokens (only GM)?

Some of the maps I use are really large.  I am running a space combat game and do not have any dynamic lighting drawing beyond basic fog of war nor do I have a ton of tokens so I can get away with 200x200 hex maps.  Roll20 doesn't seem to be made for maps that big and I have found navigating them to be a pain.  Zoom and scrolling can be clunky over large distances so I was thinking...  There must be a way to set fleets as waypoints where you can hit a button and go from fleet to fleet.  I remember something in an initiative script forcing views from token to token as they come up sort of similar to 'shift-leftclick' on tokens that have their initiative up.  I am old with feeble google-fu and I don't remember the script in question.    Bonus question-  Is there a way you can force only the DM view to snap to a spot through command?  I am using fog of war and would rather not have the player's view snap to a spot where I have a bad guy fleet lurking.  I feel like it will come up. Thanks for any input

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The Aaron
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API Scripter
TurnMarker1 lets you click on the images in the turn chat to ping-pull you to a particular token.  All work for the GM, but players can only pull to the ones that players can control.  An API script or more general ping pulling could be created.
Thanks Aaron!   I will go ahead and play with it.  
This version of the Find Token script ought to do the trick: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
You can set up a macro like this for pulling just you !find-token --?{Token name} --true or this for pulling all players !find-token --?{Token name} In my game, I keep a token named Rallypoint on the GM layer and always leave it where the players left off, and use this macro to pull everyone to that part of the map at the start of the session !find-token --Rallypoint
Persephone...&nbsp; That is just awesome.&nbsp; Really hits the spot thank you!
Combat master will move you to the token who’s turn it is if you let it.