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Friday Night 7:00 PM CDT 5E Role Play Heavy, Paid Quality, FREE GAME


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This will not be for everyone. The Two Radical House Rules That Are Going To Be Used are: Characters Get One Set of Rolls 4d6 Keep 3 (six times, a macro will be supplied)&nbsp; Hit Points always equal to your Strength Score + your Constitution Score + your Level. &nbsp; The HARSHEST House Rule: DEATH! Be Reduced to 0 Hit Points, make an immediate Death Save (a Flat Check 1d20) against a DC 10, Fail and you are DEAD! (this concept is from the original D&amp;D game) Make the Save and Roll another immediately, Succeed a second time you get back 1 Hit Point and are back in action, fail the second and you are Stable and Alive but unconscious. This rule ignores all other special abilities, feats, race boons (it eliminates Relentless Endurance), and any other&nbsp;Rules. Fail the First Save and you are DEAD! This will be a good time game, lots of fun, but Dangerous as Hell. Do you have what it takes to survive? If you do apply here or at:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . Include your Age and Brief Character Concept, keeping true to the Player's Handbook. What you will get is a Paid Quality Game that won't cost you a dime! If you are an Unreliable, Immature, Rules Lawyer, Number Crunching Murder Hobo, Please Don't waste our time or yours.
Still room for two more...
I would be interested&nbsp;
Hey im still interested if you have room