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Method for Calling Animated Spell Effects by /fx or --vfx_opt?

I recently purchased a Perfect Spells pack and would like to incorporate the effects into Powercards and macros.  Currently, the only option is drag and drop.  Anyone have any ideas?

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Marketplace Creator
Sounds like you're asking about API stuff. Know that the API doesn't directly support marketplace content, at least since I last checked. However, many marketplace packs allow you to download them, and if you reupload them into the game, you can have them in your art library and viable for use with the API. There are a few exceptions. Add-on packs can't be downloaded, and animations don't play nice with the API currently. Actually, just reread your title and realized you were specifically asking about animations. Yeah, unfortunately, they don't work all too well. You can't control looping or playing, and using certain API scripts to spawn in animated tokens directly doesn't cause them to play properly. There's a suggestion for animations to better support API functions, and I'd suggest backing your support there.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I know it is possible for animated tokens that are already placed to work with the API (in a limited fashion), but I don't know that anything could place them on the tabletop without having to manually toggle the pause and play once again.
Thanks, Rainy. &nbsp;I will definitely add my voice in support.
David M.
API Scripter
+1 what Rainy said. Every time I have used the api to create a token object with an animated gif imgsrc (established with the default token), it plays once and then stops, while dragging manually loops as expected. Think it is sadly just a current limitation of the api.
Thanks, David.