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Creating a field of Darkness

Hey folks, I have a subscription with dynamic lighting, and I have a situation where the PCs are exploring a temple.  The temple is lit in different areas, but there is a spot where the room is obscured with darkness.  My first thought was to use fog of war, but I see that enabling that will disable dynamic lighting.  Is there a good way to represent the field of darkness in roll20?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Fog of War works with Legacy Dynamic Lighting, and you can use permanent darkness with Updated Dynamic Lighting. There's also this trick which also blocks line of sight properly, and a couple of posts down David M has written an API script, though you can't use this with a Plus sub.
Couldn't you create an filled shape on the map layer (or use a spell effect token) to cover the area?
David M.
API Scripter
Well, keep in mind that if the shape (e.g. circle) is on the map layer, it will not block sight, so if that is a problem then it would need to be on the DL layer as Oosh recommended. Of course, affected tokens would still see everything within that area, which is why that grid trick was created. Since that is a pain to draw every time, you could keep a copy of the darkness grid somewhere out of the way on the GM layer and then move it to the DL layer when needed. The api script was written to expedite that process. The downside of the DL grid trick is that if "Restrict Movement" is used on the page, then only the GM will be able to move tokens within the darkness. So, unfortunately there is no "perfect" solution. It's just a matter of finding the one that you can live with.
Thanks for the replies folks.  I don't really know anything about API, and it doesn't look like it matters, since I'm not upping my subscription for this.  I'll try and see if I can make Fog of War work; that might be the best option.