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Break This Into Three Separate Sections


Edited 1598769844
With a large amount of Paid Games, Players Looking for Games, and DMs Looking For Players, it would save a tremendous amount of energy to just break the existing Looking For Group  forum into Three Separate Units. I think that this would really help Everybody, those looking for Paid Games boom there all there in one place, DMs running Free Games right there, Players who expect the DMs to seek them out will have their own forum. Any thoughts?

Edited 1598771987
Taking into consideration that Roll20 would like to make the most minimal change possible to their existing structure, having the 2 forums    Looking for Group (Free)    Looking for Group (Paid) would be nice IMHO.  Players that are looking for DMs and don't care if paid or free can just post/browse both forums.  Even then, it'd probably still take a lot of subscription users' requests to actually make this happen.