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Is There a Way to Break Up an Extremely Long Token Name?

Is There a Way to Break Up an Extremely Long Token Name into several shorter lines? If this is possible the Map Pin Problem (or Lack of Map Pins) would be solved using Token-Mod. !token-mod --set name|@{selected|bar3|max}, used now it is one very long line but if it could be broken up into a series of short lines it would Give very nice Map Pin Effect. Anything put into bar|max of the Token would be Displayed on the Map under the Map Pin Token. I already use this but the information is displayed in the chat window. Being able to Break up the Token Name would allow it to be displayed on the map right at the correct spot. Using !token-mod --set name|@{selected|bar2|max} with nothing in it would clear the name (this works).
Unless the token name accepts markdown (which I believe it doesn't) then I don't think it would be feasible. However, if the intended purpose is to be able to access the information about a certain token, holding down the shift key shows up a tooltip with the information from the Info section of the token (or the GM Notes, I don't quite remember).
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Adding any sort of control characters to a token name is generally bad practice. It could wind up breaking macros.