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Some modules now take up to FIVE MINUTES to load. It was fine two weeks ago.


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I'm running a Curse of Strahd game that's only got two sessions under its belt and only a few handouts on top of the included ones. We tried playing it Monday night and the map was wholly unusable due to excruciating token lag. I had everyone reload the game, and it took some of us up to five minutes  (we timed it) for the game to load, even when we were just on the empty landing page. Even now, at 10am on a Wednesday, it takes up to 30 seconds for me to load the map with no other players logged in. It wasn't always like this. Our first session (two weeks ago) went off without a hitch. Same module, same maps, same everything. Likewise, other games that had zero lag as recently as a few weeks back are now sluggish to both load and play. What gives and how do I fix it? The system is genuinely unusable for some of my games.
Agreed! I am experiencing the same issues. Our game crapped out in the middle of a battle last week. Took 15 minutes to get back on track.
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Things to Check: Have you tried loading a brand new installation of the game? That could narrow down whether its a general module issue, or something specific to that game. You've added a few handouts, which shouldn't affect performance at all.  Have the players (or you) added characters with enormous amounts of spells? (again,this would have to be a lot). If using Firefox, turning off Autofill and Autcomplete can greatly reduce lag, but again, shouldn't be affecting the loading time. I'd suggest going through the troubleshoot steps pasted below and especially capturing the console log , and filing a  Help Center Request . The devs are trying to push bug reports there at the moment as they continue to work through the backlog of issues. Your issue will be ticketed, which should help make sure it doesn't fall through the cracks. Could you please carefully work through these steps of our guide to  Solving Technical Issues ? Step 1: Make sure to use the right browser Please check if these issues persist when using both Chrome  and  Firefox. Step 2: Ensure that there are no extensions/addons interfering with Roll20 Please disable  all  add-ons/extensions. Step 3: Clear your cache If none of the above succeeds, please thoroughly work through  Step 4 .  (Don't forget the complete Console Log!)

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Kevin H. said: Agreed! I am experiencing the same issues. Our game crapped out in the middle of a battle last week. Took 15 minutes to get back on track. I had my Death House  map almost ruined because as I was dragging my player tokens to the 3rd floor, the lag was so bad that they got dropped in the nursemaid's room, revealing it. If I hadn't moved her token (which defaults to the Object layer) to the DM layer, she would've been spoiled for the party.

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keithcurtis said: Things to Check: I actually happen to have a second CoS install on 99923 (the first one is on 99927). It also takes 30 seconds to load when I check it. I don't know how long it would take under load as that game hasn't started yet. Load takes just as long in an extension-less Incognito Window (actually took 35s when I tested it just now) I'm using Brave browser because it's supposed to be faster than Chrome, though both browsers have the same lag / load time (just retested in both) The two casters are both level 2 and have fewer than a dozen loaded spells and cantrips each. Cache is as fresh as the driven snow I was kinda hoping this was a known issue that there was a known fix for, but I'll capture a console log and file a help request. 
Did you by any chance switch to Updated Dynamic Lighting? When I was testing it for my own game a few days ago it slowed my entire game down by tenfold and I ended up switching back to Legacy for now with fears for when they sunset it.
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If on LDL, are you by any chance running bot Global Illumination and Advanced Fog of War at the same time? That can cause huge lag, unless it has been fixed. Haven't seen any reports about it lately.
I remember it being laggy with both LDL (no Global Illum.) and UDL, though I just checked and the map load time is still ~35s with UDL but only ~10s with LDL. Not sure how it'll perform during a session, though. I'll have to wait until my next one and report back.

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I happen to be running CoS also.  Like you I am also 2 session in so far (3rd session this Sunday).  I haven't had a crazy lag problem so far, though it does take about 15 sec to load (I presume due to all of the assets that come with the module).  I am using UDL. EDIT:  I will note that I did have some hiccups, like players not being able to see through or move their characters into the crypts (area 23 I believe in Death House) with the Dynamic lighting barrier removed until I moved their tokens in myself.