Giffyglyph's Monster Maker Importer Unofficial Roll20 import script for GiffyGlyph's Monster Maker If you haven't seen it yet, GiffyGlyph's Monster Maker is an amazing supplement for D&D 5E that has rules for creating monsters and balanced encounters very easily. It also includes a web app that makes it even easier. This script makes it easy to get your created monsters into Roll20 and provides a few utility macros to help with the "freeform attack" style described in Monster Maker. Get it here! Features Import Import any monster exported from the Monster Maker web app. From the app, click the gear in the bottom right and choose "Save to .json". Open the JSON file and copy the contents. Inside Roll20, enter the chat command !ggmm followed by the pasted JSON. Example: !ggmm {"blueprint":{"vid":1,"method":"quickstart","description":{"name":... The imported monster should appear in your journal tab. Monster Maker Macros Imported monsters will have three Token Actions set on them to facilitate the "Freeform attack" style of play described in Giffyglyph's Monster Maker. AttackRoll will roll 1d20+attack and give you quick options to make a full attack or multiattack (if the monster's damage is greater than 10). DamageRoll will let you choose a damage modifier (x1, x2, x0.5, etc.) and a die type (flat, d4, d8, d12, etc.) and output the damage. SaveAction will display one of the monster's save DCs, and give you quick options for rolling full or AoE damage. Known Issues There are a few known bugs and/or discrepancies between the script and the Monster Maker web app: Sometimes the body text of Reactions are not imported correctly Shortcode commands with multiple attributes (eg: [attack + damage * 2, d4]) are not able to be parsed The web app does not show stealth and perception as trained skills even when the monster's role indicates they should be trained. This script will show the skills correctly. The default token of an imported monster does not have its size, hp, or ac set correctly The script does not set role/rank tags on the created character because Roll20 does not allow setting tags from the API. Ideally the script would set tags like elite and striker to enable easy searching in the journal.