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Having Trouble With Pathfinder Macro Template


Edited 1599112933
Pardon my noobness, but I am trying to create a macro for a Pathfinder 1e game with a single attack roll and a single damage roll. I can get the attack roll to work, but the damage isn't coming up. If I add a second attack the damage for both show up, but I am only making 1 attack roll. Could someone provide me with an example of a basic attack macro that rolls 1 attack and 1 damage roll so I can see where I went wrong?

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
If you post your code it will be easier to help - the PF template has a header roll which is intended for single rolls, and a bunch of fields which are designed to output full-attack style rolls. It sounds like you're mixing the two together. This page should have the info you need, but post back here if you need a hand.

Edited 1599148542
I'd be happy to post it. Pardon the entirely overcomplicated rolls, we are doing PF 1E Sphere's of Power/Might. I tried to use the monster attack rolls as a template for designing the attack. That was probably where I went wrong, as it works fine as a npc but is missing damage as a pc. That is actually why I was kinda hoping for a very simple attack example so I can see how it should be done and adjust my macro accordingly. I tend to learn better from examples than from instructions. &{template:pc} {{name=Flanking K.O. Strike}} {{type=attackdamage}} {{showchar=@{Mevlut|rollshowchar}}} {{charname=@{Mevlut|character_name}}} {{nonlethal=[[1[Nonlethal]]]}} {{attack=1}} {{roll=[[1d20cs>19+[[floor(@{class1_level}*.75)]] [Rogue BAB] + [[@{class2_level}]] [Conscript BAB] + [[@{dexterity_mod}]] [Dex] + [[@{weapon_EB}]] [Weapon EB] + 2 [Flanking]]]}}{{critconfirm=[[1d20cs>19+[[floor(@{class1_level}*.75)]] [Rogue BAB] + [[@{class2_level}]] [Conscript BAB] + [[@{dexterity_mod}]] [Dex] + [[@{weapon_EB}]] [Weapon EB] + 2 [Flanking]]]}} {{rolldmg1=[[[[1d8]] [Small Improvised Weapon] + [[@{Strength_mod}]] [Str] + [[floor(@{BAB}*.5)]] [Finesse Fighting II] + [[@{weapon_EB}]] [Weapon EB]]]}}{{rolldmg1type=Non-Lethal}}{{rolldmg1crit=+ [[[[1d8]] [Small Improvised Weapon] + [[@{Strength_mod}]] [Str] + [[floor(@{BAB}*.5)]] [Finesse Fighting II] + [[@{weapon_EB}]] [Weapon EB]]]}} {{rolldmg2=[[[[ceil(@{class1_level}*0.5)]]d6 [Sneak Attack] + [[[[floor(@{level}/5)]]+1]]d6 [Fencing Sphere] + [[ceil(@{class1_level}*0.5)]] [Sap Adept] + [[1]] [Trait Bonus]]]}}{{rolldmg2type=Precision & Non-Lethal}}
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Ah yep, so {{rolldmg1}} and {{rolldmg2}} are for multiattacks. For a single attack, you need to change those to {{dmg1}} and {{dmg2]}, same with their crit and type properties. You also need {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg2flag=1}} in there. Alternatively, you could leave everything as is, and add {{roll1=[[0]]}} {{damage=1}} to turn it into a mutliattack macro, then the rolldmg1 fields will show up.
Thank you Oosh. I appreciate the fix!