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Macro that whisper to user

How to make macros that whispiring back to user of this macro? I want to create macro that call cheatsheet for player without trashing the chat
/w "@{selected|token_name}" <whatever you want to have them see>
al e. said: /w "@{selected|token_name}" <whatever you want to have them see> This doesn't work if no token are selected

Edited 1599249650
if you wanting to pull specific info, Your best bet would be to use the Selected or Targeted Macro feature in the code. Unless the Info being Whispered was General Knowledge to all players like Rules or mission info
The Aaron
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API Scripter
If you put it in a Character's Ability, you can have it whisper to that character with: /w "@{character_name}" message If you are putting it in macros, you can create a macro that is specific to each player. If you had access to the API (a Pro Subscriber Perk), you could have a command that whispers to the person that issued the command.