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Better Inventory Management

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I would really like to see an improved system for managing inventory.  In particular: I’d like characters to have multiple inventory repositories (eg backpack, mount or bag of holding) where you can drop the equipment, which auto-calculates the weight.  For example I have a player with Hewards Handy Haversack.  It can store up to 80lbs in main compartment and 20lbs in two pouches yet always weighs 5lbs.  It would be useful if the character could have either a separate inventory section for containers/mounts or if the equipment had a hierarchy tree for storage (with an option to base weight based on the container’s weight for dimensional containers). I’d also like to be able to easily move items between characters (rather than having to delete from one and add anew for another. Im unsure if this is an OS issue or a character sheet issue but either way it would be an awesome addition. thanks for reading. Best Akril
BTW: Would be grateful to anyone who knows of any current workarounds.
Sheet Author
The easiest thing (at the moment) is to create a sheet for the magical container and set it up with the right strength to have the capacity needed.  Then you can add things as needed.  You may need a custom filler item to adjust weight to leave the exact capacity needed.  I don't see the point of keeping track of the smaller pouches independently unless you are also going to track the size/volume of individual items placed there as well (2 cubic feet), so I would just go with the 120 lb. capacity and call that good enough.
I do fully agree that we should be able to move items from character to character. It would be nice to be able to homebrew an item ahead of time and just drop it into an inventory, instead of having to put in a filler, have the handout ready, then go back later and update the character sheet so you don't grin d the game to a halt while you update something you planned for weeks ago.
Indeed.  My party are constantly swapping gear around, whether between containers (like a bag of holding) or between players.  It’s a real faff to (a) switch it around and (b) calculate weight.  It practically renders the weight calculation tool (and otherwise exceptionally useful tool) redundant. Having separate equipment sections (eg bags of holding) and allowing drag and drop between characters would not only solve that but would be a huge elevation in the games overall feel (which can be a bit clunky at times).
It’s look like this will get dropped.  Before it does, anyone got any ideas (eg API) to achieve the same (particularly transferring between characters)
Sheet Author
Allan said: It’s look like this will get dropped. &nbsp;Before it does, anyone got any ideas (eg API) to achieve the same (particularly transferring between characters) In the publicly available code for the 5E sheet, around 75% of the html file is actually javascript that mostly is for compendium drag/drop and charactermancer integration.&nbsp; Going from one sheet to another would take a (most likely) completely different set of scripts to be able to transfer from sheet to sheet since the data origin is in a different form. A search of the api forum turned up this, so you might want to give it a try:&nbsp; <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8603666/slug%7D" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/8603666/slug%7D</a>