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Your connection to the server has been interrupted

I keep getting this error when loading up a game:      Your connection to the server has been interrupted The status site is coming up all green so not sure what the problem is.  Any idea?
I have been having this problem as well. Very frustrating. Constantly just reloading the page to attempt to get it to work, sometimes it pops right back up, other times it works for awhile.  Have tried unloading all extensions, trying different browser, trying different machine, no help. Hoping for a solution.
I get the same error repeatedly in every game I play. Also hoping for a solution as it gets very frustrating... 
When this box is shown and the status site is green, there is an internet issue between you and the roll20 servers. Reloading won't help: when the red box is shown, there is no connection and reload does not work. It's a frustrating error that i see occasionally, but the fault is not roll20 but somewhere else in the long chain of internet things.