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[LFG] [FREE] [5E/P1/P2] Returning to D&D, anyone need a player?

Hello all! My first attempt at LFG didn't seem to pan out and perhaps it was due to lack of details, so here's another go: I'm an older (38) player looking to get back in the game after a long time away. I've been a fan of D&D since I was young, I own most of the Planescape and Birthright product lines along with a decent amount of FR and a smattering of Greyhawk and Mystara (all 2nd Edition), and I play BattleTech as well. As time went on I got away from playing, but thanks to modern technology and the magic of twitch streams, I've gotten the itch to try and play again. I'm looking for a group that preferably gathers Friday or Saturday evenings (or equivalent time frame in other zones, but I might be able to flex a little depending) and is willing to teach an older dog new tricks. Thanks to twitch i'm fairly familiar with the rules for 5E, but i'm also willing to try Pathfinder if that is the rules you use (everything i know about Pathfinder i learned from Kingmaker, take that as you will :)  I'm willing to fill a needed role in an existing campaign or start fresh with a new one, that has a mix of combat, RP, exploration, the whole kit and kaboodle I guess!. Please shoot me a PM if interested. I look forward to hearing from you!
i can handle the fri/sat schedule. i have a homebrew setting that deals quite a lot with with magitek and technology. what's your opinion on vikings?
My opinion on Vikings? Scourge of Christian Kings, Bodyguards of Emperors, Founders of Dynasties, Lords of the Seas, Discoverers of North America and Name Givers of half our weekdays and a wireless device in common use? They're pretty cool. Full disclosure I was kind of looking for a campaign based in worlds I have a background in already to help with RP as I ease back in, but if you can shoot me a DM with a little bit more info about your world maybe it just might be the right campaign to get me playing again.