Looking for a player or two for an existing campaign. This campaign uses a Harsh Death rule and it will not appeal to the squeamish, the power gamer, the rules lawyer, or the number cruncher. We want Role Players. The death rule is simple, drop to zero HP and Roll a Flat Check Death Save, Fail and you are DEAD, as in new character time unless resurrection is possible. If you make the Flat Check death save (DC 10), you roll another immediately, if you Make the second you regain a Hit Point and are back in action, Fail the second and you are Stable but Unconscious. The DMG Encumbrance Variant is also used. Short Rest is 4 hours, Long Rest is 24 hours, and we have a Modified Long Rest which is 12 Hours. Anyone interested in joining this game respond here with your Age and a Simple Character Concept (we use the Player's Handbook Only). Hoping to get a player for tonight. -Ajax