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Looking for assistance with Turn Tracker Initiative Cards


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Sheet Author
Hello! I'm having trouble with this market place purchase ans was hoping that I could get pointers on what I'm doing wrong. Purchased in marketplace. Visible in my purchases. Added to the specific game I want to use it in. Visible in the add ons to the game. Start and enter the game. Try to find the content, but it isn't under decks. :-( At a loss for what to do next. Note that I installed a different card deck and it showed up as expected (Burn Bryte Go/No-Go deck) Thanks!
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I duplicated your issue, with the same results.  Definitely something wrong with that Addon.  I passed on the information, hopefully it gets resolved in the near future.
Sheet Author
Thanks for confirming that I hit an error that can be duplicated!