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Missing background information on my Character sheet after generating in Roll20

I am a player so this may be hard to get info to help with debugging.  I generated a character on this site for a DnD game a friend is hosting.  When I look at my Character sheet i noticed that the following sections are free-form text fields rather then displaying the actual information that was chosen when making my character.  Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws.  Please let me know how i may help you to diagnose this issue.  Game: Adventures in Ailara Char: Danli

Edited 1600229210
If those fields are blank, something probably went wrong when the Charactermancer built the character. If you're really attached to those pre-generated ones, and don't want to write your own, you will need to ask the GM  to give you another blank sheet. Reroll the character, and when you get to that section you can copy and paste the text from those sections into your original. Bear in mind that other players don't see the Core tab of your sheet. If you want other players to know stuff about your character, you should write it in the Bio & Info section (very top left tab, next to Character Sheet / Attributes & Abilities), that's the only part other players can see. edit - I'm assuming this is the 5e character sheet, since the fields are identical. I have no idea what "Adventures in Ailara" is though.
Yes this is the 5e sheet. It was for the admins in case they needed it to look somewhere in the backend of the system.