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[LFP][Free][VtM V5][VtM V20] Seeking players to join 1 or more Vampire the Masquerade groups!

Hey all! Myself and a fellow Storyteller are looking to fill our ranks for two games that alternate on Monday nights! We trade off week on week. Ideally we are searching for people who are interested in playing in both games! One of them is a V20, Denver based game, that is about 10 sessions in. We are playing a Camarilla group of fledgelings under the protection of an elusive Elder. It's a lot of fun, but due to some drop outs we're looking for some more people! And the other will be a V5 Birmingham, England, based gamed. That one hasn't started yet, and so everyone will have a blank slate. Players will be playing a Neonate Coterie, new to the area. If you're interested in one or both, ideally both haha, of these, please either reply to this post or send me a message!
I am interested in both :)
Interested in either. Have experience with both but more with V20 compared to V5.

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Hi, I've been running Vampire for 10+ years now and interested in joining as player. I'm interested in V5, not in V20.  Edit: typo

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Hey all, thank you for replying! We're going to be pm'ing people and inviting them to discord for a chat over the next few days, and we'll be messaging everyone who's replied even if it's just to say sorry but we don't have a spot for you. So if you haven't heard from me yet then we're getting round to it! Just to make it clear for everyone, whilst we're open to people joining only one of the games, it would mean that you would only then be playing once a fortnight. If this is fine for you then great, I just want to make sure that's clear in advance!
I just realized your timezone isn't mentioned?
Apologies, 7pm EST are the start times for the games.