Greetings, First time I've posted here, though I've found lots of help.  I'm hoping this will be helpful for others.  I have an in person group that we just started back up since COVID hit.  (We are still taking precautions with seating spaced out, etc.)  I had not used any kind of VTT previous to COVID, but I've learned to really like Roll20 over the past months of using it.  Now that we are back in person I wanted to use Roll20 to replace my eraser board battlemaps.  I'd read about no support for touchscreens, but decided to roll the dice with Touch20, a Chrome extension providing touch support written by  David Bauske. It worked like a charm.  Between using the Roll20 bookmarklet to hide the UI and my Acer 27' touch screen with Touch20 we had a flawless 4 hour session. I setup an account that allowed all players to control all characters / monsters and each player could freely move their PCs on screen while I handled the monsters. If you are looking for touchscreen support give Touch20 a try...I'm glad I did! BTW, I'm running Windows 10 fully updated and the newest version of Chrome.