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Giffyglyph sheet causing strange behavior with whisper roll to GM?

Greetings all. I have installed the great Giffyglyph sheet . I realy like the inventory management. I have noticed now when i click one of my macro that i used to whisper to me (GM) some info seem to be printing nothing (a.k.a. the string that should be added after my name is empty).  I have also noted that when i click on the action of a creature in my DIA: Baldur Gate game, it,s only printing in chat only my name and nothing else?  Could it be related to the fact that GiffyGlyph sheet make the creature action ALSO whisper the result to the gm and the whispering to gm function is broken? Anyone got any idea? Thanks.
I have noticed this behavior that solve the problem in the monster sheet. If i click the cogwheel to modify any action i see in the edit action menu the field called "Show". It's set by default at "show", but it's clearly not working as intended. I set it at "hide". I close the edit action and click on the skill. Now i can see my action being printed in the chat can never be hidden in chat again. Seem broken to me. Anyone got that behavior?
I assume you're talking about the D&D 5E (Darker Dungeons) sheet? If you talk about a sheet available in the dropdown, it's best to say the exact name of the sheet and not just refer to it by an nickname. (and sorry I have no answers, never used the sheet)
Agreed and yes, this is the name of the sheet.  Thanks