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Powercards FX Issue

I am writing macros for Powercards and the FX are not working. This is the code I am using as an example. !power {{ --bgcolor|#1c4587 --erowbg|F1F1D4 --orowbg|#b6d7a8 --name|FX-NOT WORKING --leftsub|Work Damnit --rightsub|Why don’t you work? --vfx_opt|@{selected|token_id} @{target|token_id} beam-frost }} Am I doing something wrong?
So I had this issue when I started trying to add FX to my Powercards, and I am not trying to be insulting, but is the player ribbon on the page you are testing this card on? Video effects only happen on that page where the players are. It took me like an hour to realize this at first. 
Well that is just stupid. I appreciate the solution and that indeed works. But man, that is incredibly stupid.