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[CSS] Border on select of input


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I see on a lot of sheet, the selection of a input make appear a border of different color or size. That border is black when the css is not precised. But after some reading of the css of this different sheet I never found how is altered that border.  My first trying is to point to:  but it's not working. Did someone know how to point that "Effect" for alter or remove it on custom sheet ?  (Ps: I just need the css for "Point" it. From that I think I could be able to edit or remove the apparition of the box with my knowledge)
ᐰndreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
With inputs, I have the tendency to specify [type="number"]  in the css files, as sometimes it seems css is ignored otherwise. Not sure it it's actually a thing, but I do it to be sure. So this might work: input[type="number"].sheet-focuseffect:focus, input[type="text"].sheet-focuseffect:focus{ border:none; } for any number or text input with the "focuseffect" class.

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The problem here is that it's not working like that too.  I had created a new sandbox sheet for the test.  I created a test.html with just a div and a input inside And a test.css with just the solution But like that the "Black border" continue to appear on focus:  -> It's look like the black border appear even if it's not exist... Or I failed to point it again ?  I am on Google Chrome [Updated], Windows 10 [Updated] °^°) 
Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Well, let's do some troubleshooting. While Andreas is correct and a lot of things about inputs need a high specificity to work in CSS, the focus styling isn't one of them. All you need to do for the focus styling is this: :focus{     background-color:red; } replace the background-color specification with whatever you'd like. As a note, the dark black border you see there is actually from the outline property, not the border property.
Thank you for your answer Scott C.  I had modified the test.css with your informations and I got the result I wanted. There is the new test.css: With that, the black "outline" which I had named until now "Border" is vanished ! :D 

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I have another problem who is repetitiv when I create Sheet, when it's come to create sheet where I Hide "Div" with a checkbox. I follow the "Swap Hide Area" section of the wiki :&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>. &nbsp;But It's look like I don't understand something...&nbsp; Should I create another Topic in the forum for asking Help ? Or here is fine too ?&nbsp; Edit: I Create a new one