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Is there a

Script or Macro that rolls dice privately as a GM roll...I run a game and I have a ton of speciaty creatures...Making sheets for all of them is hugely time consuming..I'd rather just run  them off the pdf....I want my rolls to be hidden...I do not like the dice roller because it clutters up my screen too much...I know there are skills macros, there you hiy iy and it brings up a list of skills, then you can roll one. Is there a dice rolling thing like that? I hate typing /gmroll xxxx> I kinda just want something quick
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Many sheets have built in options to make NPCs roll only to the GM by default.
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You could also create a personal macro that already includes the /gmroll and a query for what to roll and any modifiers.  This could be as complex or simple as you like. /gmroll ?{Number of dice|1}{Die type|d4|d6|d8|d10|d12|d20}+?{Modifer|0} Add that to your macros section and then add it to your macro bar.
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Instead of the dice rolling pallet, have you tried the flyout menu? Just hover over the die roller tool on the toolbar. It only shows as you are making rolls, and the most common (smaller), are literally just one click.
I did what Finderski suggested but inserted the question inside a table. The table outputs all the single dice rolls (+ advantage for d20) and has clickable buttons if i want to roll more than one die or add a modifier to a roll <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> as Finderski said it can be as simple or complex as you like
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I do this too, for similar reasons as the OP said. I use the Finderski method, something like that, and it is a time saver, convenience, simplification of the GUI to be tailored for my exact rolling needs without needing to open Character Sheet or type repeatedly " /gmroll "

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Top tip, you can use /gr instead of /gmroll.&nbsp; It's a lot less typing :)
there is an API blindroll, even player rolls using it only goes to the GM I have put it below command: !broll 1d?? I got this years ago, don't know who wrote it, it seems to work perfectly well. on("chat:message", function(msg_orig) { "use strict"; var msg = _.clone(msg_orig), who; if (msg.type !== "api") { return; } if(_.has(msg,'inlinerolls')){ msg.content = _.chain(msg.inlinerolls) .reduce(function(m,v,k){ m['$[['+k+']]'] || 0; return m; },{}) .reduce(function(m,v,k){ return m.replace(k,v); },msg.content) .value(); } who=getObj('player',msg.playerid).get('_displayname').split(' ')[0]; var cmdName = "!broll "; var msgTxt = msg.content; var msgWho = msg.who; var msgFormula = msgTxt.slice(cmdName.length); if(msg.type == "api" &amp;&amp; msgTxt.indexOf(cmdName) !== -1) { if(_.has(msg,'rolltemplate')) { sendChat(msgWho,'/w gm &amp;{template:'+msg.rolltemplate+'}'+msg.content); /* sendChat(msgWho, "/w " + who + " secret roll"); */ } else { sendChat(msgWho, "/gmroll " + msgFormula); sendChat(msgWho, "/w " + who + " secret roll sent to GM (" + msgFormula + ")"); } }; });
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Alan said: Top tip, you can use /gr instead of /gmroll.&nbsp; It's a lot less typing :) Ahahaha i forgot that at some point, thought it was /gmr and it stopped working. Need to remember /gr